Training and raising the competence of leaders and staff is one of the strategies that have been implemented over the years in APAVE Asia - Pacific. The training is implemented by a variety of forms such as direct or online training, meetings, seminars, conferences ...


On October 6th & 7th 2018, the seminar took place solemnly at Dong Xuyen Hotel, Long Xuyen city, An Giang province. Participants included General Director Nguyen Cong Phu, Board of Advisors, Executive Board of company, Branch Directors and Representatives of Board of Directors, selected coachees and potential employees at the South region. Particularly, the seminar welcomed Mr. Nguyen Hoang Nhung - Deputy Head of Natural Resources and Environment Department, Management Board of Economic Zone in An Giang.


Since June 2018, after the General Director Nguyen Cong Phu initiated the "Academic & Life University" Coaching Program for APAVERs, 39 coachees who were potential employees enrolled and submitted the topic of leadership/management, in which, 13 MCs have been selected to give presentation in this seminar.


With articles relating to leadership/management, coachees have invested time and effort to do effective and valuable presentations, demonstrated their knowledge and presentation skill.


After each session including 3/4 presentations, there was a time of discussion with valuable comments from General Director, Executive Board of company or other coachees, so that each coachees had more knowledge about leadership and management, especially understood better the strategies of the company and the way that General Director and Board of Management have been managing the company.


Closing speech at the seminar, Associate General Director Tran Nam Trung affirmed that APAVE will always monitor and create condition for staffs to develop and improve their competence to become managers/directors in the near future. APAVE will hold meaningful and valuable seminars for the inherited generations.


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Making Our World Safer (NSC) and a Mission of Trust (Apave)… two visions combining to offer Apave’s international customers globally-recognized, qualitative approach to defensive driving training.




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